5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity

We hear the word immunity all the time and we all understand that it’s important for our health: but what does immunity really mean and how can we help promote it in our bodies? The scientific community defines immunity as being the body’s ability to defend itself from pathogens and other disruptive and potentially harmful germs. Thankfully, there are many natural ways to create strong immune systems and with our mission in mind to connect humanity to health, we at Bhoomi are blogging today about our top 5 ways for you to boost your immunity.

Staying Hydrated

It’s recommended to at least drink 8 glasses of water a day. What happens when we neglect to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated? Being chronically dehydrated is known to negatively impact our abilities to concentrate, regulate emotions and even learn. However, when we are hydrated, we are doing one of the best things that we can to promote immunity health! Hydration helps to prevent toxin build-up, which further encourages a strong immune system. Bhoomi’s cane water elixirs can help you maintain that refreshed, hydrated and healthy body with natural electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium. 

Check out this New York Times Article talking about the Risks and Myths of Dehydration: New York Times - Dehydration: Risks & Myths

Exercising is not only important for our immune system, but important for all aspects of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The American Heart Association recommends that adults participate in about 2 and a half hours of aerobic activity per week. We know that everyone finds joy in different types of exercise, and we here at Bhoomi love to participate in yoga, hiking or group runs. Bhoomi’s elixirs use the best adaptogens that Mother Earth has to offer, such as ginger which is known to reduce muscle soreness, helping to make sure that your body feels ready to get some exercise.

Take a look at this: MedLine Plus - Exercise and Immunity

Sleep- the whole recommends seven hours- matters for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. When life gets busy, when those deadlines are fast approaching, or even when jobs get stressful, our sleep is too often the first to be cut short. In terms of our immune system and according to the Sleep Foundation, without the recommended number of hours of sleep, our bodies begin to underproduce cytokines. Cytokines are a type of protein that attack infection and inflammation inside of our bodies. These cytokines are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. Getting up too often in the night and not sure what to do? Our Ginger + Amla drink can help you relax at the end of a busy day and get those much needed hours of essential sleep.

Check out what the Sleep Foundation has to say about Sleep and Immunity: Sleep Foundation - How Sleep Affects Your Immunity

Taking your micronutrients, or better known as vitamins, is one of the best ways to keep your body balanced and healthy. They are a category of micronutrients called the essentials. They are called essential micronutrients because they are a subset of 30 vitamins that the body cannot produce enough of on its own. However, we don’t necessarily need to take vitamin pills to get these vitamins into our bodies. We can intake them by keeping up a healthy diet. One of Bhoomi’s own drinks, Moringa + Wheatgrass, works to provide you with those needed vitamins because wheatgrass is rich in Vitamins A, C and E! 

This is what Nutri-Facts has to say about Micronutrients and Immunity: Nutri-Fact - Micronutrients and the Immune System

We hear it every flu season, but this tip is one to keep up all year long: take your Vitamin C! The reason that Vitamin C and B matter is because they are powerful antioxidants, and antioxidants are able to remove free radicals from the body, which are radicals that damage our cells. Our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C, so it is important that we consume a diet that is chock full of it. Bhoomi cane water drinks make sure to provide these vitamins: Amla is known to contain the highest antioxidant count with Vitamin C and Moringa with Vitamin B.

Eat Right on how Vitamin C impacts the immune system: Eat Right - How Vitamin C Supports a Healthy Immune System

Here at Bhoomi, we’re inspired by nature and dedicated to your health. Healthful living is of course at times challenging and difficult, but it always compensates in its rewards. Taking these tips and incorporating them into your everyday lifestyle is one of the best ways to take care of what matters most - you.

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