The Story of Sugarcane

While we share bhoomi with you, there is a more important story that needs to take precedence - The story of sugarcane. Some of you are aware while many are not. The story of sugarcane has a significant relevance in this world than what we hear about. The path of sugarcane to the west has been tumultuous and we need to talk about its history and impact on the communities of color. 

The sugar trade was done on the back of slavery and oppression to fuel colonization which disenfranchised communities of color across the world like never before. Therefore, building a thriving sugarcane company would be meaningless if we do not address this issue and support communities of color and most importantly African American sugarcane farmers. As a matter of fact, there were approximately 60 black sugarcane farmers in Louisiana in 1983, but today, there are only four.

Why? How? - Here is the story of Louisiana sugarcane farmers June and Angie Provost who suffered decades of discrimination. 

"June says there were approximately 60 black sugarcane farmers in the area in 1983. He keeps their names neatly printed, line after line, in a notebook. By 2000, that number had dwindled to 17. Today, June and Angie count only four."


*Stay tuned. We are working on publishing content explaining this issue in a larger detail. The stories of African American sugarcane farmers needs to be heard!