Why Sugarcane?

Bhoomi is Certified Low Glycemic


Our bodies do best with sustained energy over time. This is what Bhoomi provides with its nutritious profile and certified low glycemic qualities.

Bhoomi consist primarily of the naturally occurring water or juice squeezed out of a sugarcane stalk which has approx 80% water content filled with vitamins, minerals and powerful phytonutrients. Cold Pressed Cane Water provides sustainable energy over a longer period of time. 

One might wonder – sugarcane juice? Isn’t that just pure sugar dissolved in water?

NO, and here’s why:


The sugar components that make up a carbohydrate product is important in determining how quickly it is broken down by the body and will raise blood sugar levels. The faster foods are broken down, the faster the body digests and spike blood sugar levels – It's just like a roller coaster. High highs are followed by low lows!

With low glycemic foods such as Bhoomi, the breakdown of complex sugars to simple sugars takes time. This longer time period required for full digestion of the carbs in the drink accounts for the increase in the body’s blood glucose levels over time. This increase is more tolerable for our bodies to work with to bring us back to balance - achieve glucose homeostasis. 



Bhoomi Cane Water Elixir is a Certified Low Glycemic Index beverage.

We invite you to try Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs to help you nourish your body and get sustained energy overtime to help you power through your day. Cheers to your health! #BetterwithBhoomi

If you're hoping to learn more about the health benefits of Low GI, please explore the below resources or just google research papers (there's a ton of data available out there!):