About Us

As an International Table Tennis athlete, our founder, Arpit grew up on consuming cane juice for its hydration and nutritional benefits. Doctors and coaches in India suggested consuming cane water for its superior benefits and it being close to nature. He saw millions on people around the tropical areas of the world, enjoying cane water! After coming to New Orleans, U.S. for education, Arpit realized that although NOLA was humid like Mumbai but there was no cane water available. Soon he discussed this idea with Shreyas Oak, Elora Turner and friends and decided to take a splash into local farmers markets in New Orleans.

As the team dove deep into sugarcane research and history, it made them realize the difference between the history of sugarcane in India compared to the West. In India sugarcane is revered and has been instrumental in Ayurveda and various traditions. On the contrary in the west, sugarcane has a very tumultuous history of oppression which has had an impact in today’s socio-economic disparities.

Our philosophy is reflected in our core principles - Revolutionize sugarcane and promote its benefits to the masses as a hydrating, zero-waste product, starting with its revered and beneficial cane water.  Then identify ways to innovate by creating positive social and environmental impact through our business model to support minority sugarcane farmers, highlight regenerative farming and up-cycling for sugarcane bagasse, and celebrate partnerships with socially equitable companies.